Friday, March 7, 2008

Darn Tooth Fairy....

My lil’ Superhero came home so thrilled yesterday after school.
**He lost another tooth.**
(I do believe this is tooth #6 that has fallen out.)

Anyway, last night he put the tooth in his special pillow
so the magical Tooth Fairy would be able to find it easily
and leave him, his oh so deserved, $$money$$.

When I went in his room this morning 
he sadly explained that the, and I quote,
“Darn Tooth Fairy forgot to come
and bring me money and take my tooth”.

Ohhh, my goodness!
*hand over chest, gasping*

How in the world could this
“Darn Tooth Fairy”
forget to take a tooth
and give a child his money????

Well, being the wonderful mother that I am, I fixed the problem!
Yep, I sure did.
I exited the room with that pillow,
took the tooth out and replaced it with money!
I figured that since this was such a huge mess up on the Tooth Fairy’s part,
the amount of money given should be a large sum.

I quickly replaced the pillow in his room and we started the day over.
Now I have the tooth and my lil’ Superhero has cash burning in his pocket to be spent.

Hmmm, wonder if I can still win Mother of the Year Award????


PhotoChick said...

I don't know what amazes me more - the cutest stories you put on here, or how you find the time to get them on here.

SUCH a cute story though! I can't believe Nolan lost another tooth! Does he have any clue who the 'tooth fairy' is? You'd you manage to sneak it in without him knowing?

Oh, my dear, I do believe you DO still win the Mother of the Year Award, you clever gal you! I love you and your stories!!

carrie said...

I've totally done that too!

I think I read somewhere that someone had a special "tooth fairy" sign that was hung on the outside of the child's door so that when the "tooth fairy" goes to bed at night and they check on the kids . . . they won't forget about the tooth!

I need one of those! :)

And no, you don't lose your award for that! Silly.