Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ahhhh, It’s Spring Time

Warm sunny weather, Check
Kids outside playing, Check
Baseball season is here, Check

It's finally spring!
We have had beautiful weather the past two days,
sunny and temps in the upper 60s.
It was an amazing, fun filled, busy weekend.

Saturday we started the day super early
(this was not my choice)
the superhero and monkey decided to wake up at 5:00am.
Let me just say,  that is way too early to begin the day with a busy 2 year old.

Mr. Superhero went to a friend’s birthday party later that morning, laser tag!
He was so excited to go.
While he was busy shooting or getting shot at, I met my mom at Stride Rite.
Why do kid’s shoes cost soooo much money?
Our adventure in the shoe store was simply that, an adventure.
They were extremely busy with limited help.
The monkey and princess were running around trying on different shoes and playing with puzzles. Mr. Monkey met 3 little people that were just his size and age, they were triplets!

Here are just two of the shoes that were purchased for the princess...

After all the excitement that comes with shoe shopping,
my mother took the little two home with her for nap time.
I picked up the superhero from his party and we went to Moe's for a lunch date.
While at Moe’s, I became slightly upset with a minor situation that occurred while I was paying. After we took our seat, my superhero looked at me and simply asked
“Geez mom, do you have to be so dramatic?”
Thanks babe for putting me in my place….I guess I need that sometimes.

Once home, the superhero and his dad ventured under the house. 
I think it is so adorable to watch the Superhero crawl down into that tiny crawl space.
I had a flash back to when he was just 2 years old.
It was the first time he ever went under the house.
He wasn't scared or freaked out.
Ever since that day, if his dad has to go under the house, he is right behind him! 

Later we went to my mother’s house to celebrate my niece’s 2nd birthday.
She and the monkey are exactly 2months and 1day apart in age.
We don’t get to see each other that often, as they live out of town.

 The monkey kept wanting to blow out the birthday candles.
Here's the birthday girl with her Momma.
I just love this photo.
The girls thought they were Hot Stuff b/c the monkey was pushing them
the monkey thought he was Hot Stuff because he was able to push them!

I ended my Saturday with only kiddo at home.
The superhero spent the night with my grandparents,
 and the princess spent the night with my mother
So, it was just the monkey home with me and the hubs.
By the time I headed into bed my house was cleaned and I was exhausted.

Sunday morning the monkey slept in a lil’ longer than Saturday morning, 
waking up at 5:45.

Sunday was an even more beautiful day than Saturday.
The kids played outside together and the hubs worked on projects all day.
The superhero was a huge help with the outdoor work.
I only added this pic b/c the monkey has been sitting like this for as long as I can remember.
This is his favorite position....I do believe he might be a catcher someday.

Tonight the princess and I went to the grocery store together and had some quality girl time.
She took her baby doll, Coco, and the baby stroller.
She was so adorable pushing her baby in the stroller.
She would stop to sooth her baby when she began to cry, which was quite often.
She learned how difficult it can be to eat a cookie while pushing a stroller and having to feed your baby all at the same time.
She did a very good job.
 I do believe she will make a fabulous mother some day.

I am so ready for spring weather and so thankful that it is finally here.
Hope you are having warm, sunny weather as well.


kristen said...

loved reading your blog.Don't all little boys love being super heroes. I have 4 flying around my house.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Argh! I wish my weather were as nice. *sigh*

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you'll be back. I'm always SO excited when there are new readers!

Lisa said...

I just love those pics--esp. where Monkey is 'stopping' the car--he has a lot in common with my 19 month old. Does he like to throw everything like a ball too?!
I am so happy someone else spends 'quality time' with one of their children at the grocery store. My girls feel like it's such a treat to go alone to the grocery store with me :)

mah-meeee said...

oh, you're not the only one with the shoe fetish! little girls can somehow never have enough shoes. those two sandals are super cute - got to go to my local stride rite!

so what's this 'minor situation?' sounds like a post all to itself!

love that picture of monkey pushing th car... also the one of the birthday princess and her momma. that look on her face is just precious... she's ready to chow down!

carrie said...

Cute pictures and sounds like a good weekend! I got alone time with my little one too - and it was so quiet, I almost missed the other 2 . . . key word: almost. :)

Kendra said...

Lisa you are right ~ seems like they would have a lot in common. Monkey thinks everything is a ball that needs to be thrown! So cute...