Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The monkey loves playing basketball in the house.
Here are a few photos of his father showing him how to throw the ball
Here he is waiting to see if the ball went in .... and it did!
He made numerous shots all by himself.

Some of his lil' sayings while playing ball:
  • "TaaDaaa"
  • "Itz Mine"
  • "Itz My Ball"
  • "Catch It"
  • "Ohhh Gosh"
  • "Nooooo"
  • "Daa-deee ... Get it"
  • "Yay" **Fist made, Arm pulling down toward waist**
Such fun times.....


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Heh - I like "TA-DAA!"

My friend taught her baby how to raise both of his arms up over his head when she says "Touchdown." It's HILARIOUS. He does it just like he's the ref in the end zone and then gets this HUGE grin. I so am teaching my kid how to do that.

Lisa said...

'Itz mine'--I am betting this was the most said phrase ;)
He made some shots--wow--do you have a future Lebron on your hands?!

mah-meeee said...

oooo i so get the 'daa-deee ... get it' phrase, except for me, it's 'mah-meeee, get it!'

love all the pix of monkey! he really made those baskets? you've got something there!

fullheartandhands mama said...

Too cute!

Unrelated, but I grew up near Cincy as a Reds fan. I'm now married to a die-hard Cubs fan. I'm going to actually try and follow baseball this year. Do you have any tips for a busy mom to keep up with it? My husband would be thrilled if I did.

diane said...

So who do you like for a running mate for McCain? I'm thinking Conde Rice or Mitt Romney. Cute hoopster!