Friday, April 11, 2008

Fight the Frump

Ladies, it is time to Fight the Frump with a new handbag.
I have had handbags on the brain lately.

I *adore* handbags.
I said in my previous fight the frump post
 that a girl can never have enough shoes….
well this time it is handbags.
A girl can never have enough handbags.

This is one of my handbags that I adore....
It holds everything that I simply must take with me everywhere I go.
And, as a mother of three, well, you can only imagine. I love summer time purses.
I love the colors and different styles.
Here are a few that left me drooling....
Well, Hello Yellow!
I'm just lovin yellow this spring.....

Oh la-la, this red Dooney & Bourke would match those Red High Heels!


So, what do you think....Do you like any of them?

Do you have a favorite handbag, one that you just can't live without?
Do you need a new handbag....any plans of going shopping soon???

What brings out the Sassy Girl in you?

Let me know ladies, I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Have a Fabulous Friday and don’t forget to stop by Fussy’s place
to read more marvelous ways to fight the frump.


Valarie said...

I absolutely love sassy handbags!!! That green one and the red one, they are so cute. I currently am carring a brown coach purse that I love. Since it is spring though I am gonna have to get out my white one, except I think my daughter took it and is using it know.


Okay, found through blog perusing and had to check out your site, because I have the same first name as you.
Handbags, well, I finally gave up my vintage Coach bags. My two new favorites are LARGE Ralph Lauren bags/purses that my hubby bought for me. They hold everything! Brown houndstooth and one with black, red and white houndstooth.l I love them!

Darla said...

I LOVE sassy handbags!!!! I need to invest in some more.

Amy said...

Hi there,

I just got your link from law school hot mama! I love these bags. I am so needing a new one. Thanks for some fabulous ideas.

Have a great weekend! =)

dcrmom said...

Oh I do love me some handbags. I have my favorite summer ones posted on my blog today on my Fashion Fiesta post. I'm also fighting the frump with nursing clothes tips!

We are THAT Family said...

I have the same Coach bag! I LOVE it!

Joy said...

I *heart* handbags! I have the Coach diaper bag and I love it- I can fit in so much stuff (which is necessary as a mom!) I love all of the fun spring colors! I have a hot-pink Michael Kors bag that is supper sassy- I use it when I need a little pop of color and instant sass!

Lisa said...

I have been going through diaper bags for YEARS and I am so craving a new purse. I am begging for one for Mommy's Day. I love your Coach one and the white one (the white one would ensure I get a second for fall !)
I do have pretty cool diaper bags though ;)
(Happy you liked the link!)

Cindy Swanson said...

What GORGEOUS handbags...I'm so sick of the black one I've been carrying, and I've really been craving color...your post confirmed it for me...I HAVE to have a colorful handbag!

Really enjoyed visiting your blog!

PhotoChick said...

Oh you and my sis are just two peas in a pod!! She just got another new purse yesterday! And yes, she's also a huge shoe person. Hmmm... I'd better watch out, or she just might try to steal what little time I have with you away!

Great GREAT GREAT post, sweetie! Oh, and thanks for your comment on mine :o)

I still wanna do a girls night! Let me know if tomorrow will work out - I'm totally free & would love to hang with you and Maggie Boo...! I'm sure I'll talk to you later - love ya babe!

lovelylalo said...

Who doesn't love these great handbags. I may spoil myself to a new coach bag this weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Great BLOG! Please visit anytime. I have yet to master the Blog hopping. Still a little new to it all.

Sarah said...

Purses are a wonderful thing. I know Vera Bradley is totally overdone but I do have some favorites I pull out once and awhile. The leather ones do hold up better in the long run and I just got a blue one with fun buckles at Wilson's leather but it isn't tall enough and falls over in the car when I screech to a stop. I feel a new purse coming on (and new brakes).

Christine @ Serenity How? said...

I love those bags! I'm currently down to one really good one (tan and black D & B) but now I'm having handbag envy LOL!

Great post. :)

mah-meeee said...

love handbags!! i love your coach tote. i have one similar and it is absolutely a must for a mommy!

i think that red db bag has your name all over it to match those red heels!

have a great weekend!

Kindra said...

Hi Kendra! :) I love your name. :) I have met a Kyndra before too. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your handbags! And your daughter's too! I love the idea of having all those vibrant colors for summer. I just bought myself a really BIG bag so I can fit my stuff and some of my baby's needs in there. I don't like messing with my purse and the diaper bag!

You have a great blog. I will be back to visit soon! Love your blog name too. :)

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Why do I have a knack for gravitating immediately towards the most expensive bag? That red Dooney and Bourke is AWESOME! I have been toying around with idea of getting a yellow clutch (I saw it on What Not to Wear and it looked very sassy, if I do say so). I might just have to invest in a fun purse for spring!

fullheartandhands mama said...

You're one styling mama!

I know all too well how much stuff needs to be crammed into a purse for 3 kiddos.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

My bag looks like that red one . . . I love a hawt bag! It makes up for my frumpy shoes!

MOMMY said...

I love your post! It makes me crave a nice bag even more-right now I am not even carrying a bag-I have the baby's things in his Yankees backpack and carry my wallet in and out. Time for a HOT NEW bag for MOMMY!!!!

Last summer I carried my LLBean tote around-how frumpy is that???


Sarah said...

I'm going to get get out my handbags right now. I've got two (only two!) that are left from my
dress up and go to work days, and they languish in my wardrobe, longing for the light of day. Who says Mum can't be classy?

Shanda said...

Adorable bags! Super cute for your princess.

Erin said...

I currently use a bright green bag, but I am in the market for a red one (for my red shoes, of course!)