Monday, April 21, 2008

So Proud of My Superhero

This week is teacher appreciation week at the Superhero's school.
He has been blessed with such an amazing teacher this year.

I arranged for all of the parents to pitch in a small amount of money toward
flowers and a gift certificate to show our appreciation for this special lady.

Our classroom's teacher appreciation theme was ice cream.
Could there be a more appropriate theme from a bunch of 7 year olds??!!
I think not!

The flower arrangement is called "Ice Cream Social".
The gift card was to Cold Stone Creamery.
Yummy, that place has some good ice cream!!!

Since I was the delivery girl,
I also brought a fun snack and a book to read for the students.
What else it could I bring expect Ice Cream?
The kids were really excited and seemed to enjoy it.
They kept saying “This is the coolest snack!!”

After the kids finished their snack, it was story time!
I brought a Skippyjon Jones book to read.
(If you have a child, and have yet to read this book, you must go out and purchase it!)
The books are awesome.
It is a favorite among those kiddos.


After all this fun, the superhero’s teacher shared with me how much she has enjoyed having him in class this year and what a sweet little boy he is.
My superhero has a heart that loves GOD very much,
and because of this,
he is being honored with an award at the end of the school year.
It is a surprise to him, so he will not know until the evening of the program.
(He attends a private Christian school)

I am so incredibly proud of this young man!
I pray that his love for GOD continues all of his life.
He is such a special soul and I love him very much!!

SO, I attended the exact same school in first grade
and was presented with a similar award that year.
How cool is that???
Again, I'm so proud of my little guy!!!


mah-meeee said...

yay superhero!

i've never heard of the book skippyjon jones. i'll put that on ash's book list!

Amy said...

Congrats to you son - what a special award!

lovelylalo said...

So sweet. It is awesome that you put everything together for the classroom.

Lisa said...

Way to go Superhero!
Coldstone is yummy!

Frugal Dad said...

My wife and I found a Cold Stone Creamery while out and about in our old college town this past weekend (10 year anniversary celebration - recreated our first date). I had some kind of peanut butter fudge concoction...delicious.

Just stumbled on your blog tonight and have enjoyed reading through your posts. You header graphic is so precious! Keep up the great work here!

P.S. Nice to find a conservative blogger out there...I was beginning to think none existed!

Kindra said...

What a wonderful treat for the teacher and class!! That is so neat you still have your award and now your son is getting one! How special!

amanda said...

as a teacher i can tell you just how very wonderful your gift card and flowers were!! sooo very nice - you have no idea how much we love to be spoiled :)

as for skippyjon johns - one of my ole classroom favs and now one of beans favs!!

and thanks for stopping by my world :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by at my site, i'm new to the blogging community.
You have a lovely family!
I will stop by again if you don't mind and read about what you guys have been up to:-)

dani said...

what a blessing for your superhero to HAVE GOd in his life at such a young age:D
~dani xx