Monday, May 5, 2008

Operation Chaos

**Edited to add: I felt that I should re-start this post by saying that I am continuing with my support for Senator John McCain in the November 2008 presidential election.

It has been brought to my attention,

by some fabulous ladies,
that this post was a little confusing at first.
I almost lost some readers b/c of it! **Gasp**

Tomorrow I will vote in the democratic primaries as part of Operation Chaos.

So the question is, will I vote Obama or Hillary …

For one brief moment in time, I will be a Hillraiser!

I have encountered many Obama supporters at my front door and via telephone over the past week. When I explain to them that I am a conservative,
they simply reply that I could still vote in the primaries for Obama.
See even democrats are encouraging republicans to cross party lines and vote.

But do not worry, my alliance is still with my true conservative beliefs.
And in November, my vote will be cast for the less liberal on the ballet, John McCain.
While I may be supporting Senator McCain, I'm still not sure that I completely like him,
 but I do believe that he is the lesser of the three evils.
With that being said, I will do whatever I can to ensure a McCain Victory in November.

But for now, I say “GO HILLARY!”


Amanda said...

I haven't really been following the us election~sorry:(
But it would be nice for a woman to become the president!
Go for it girl and vote!

love amanda xx

dani said...
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dani said...

hey, kendra...
when i started reading this post, i was like, "huh??? a hillraiser???"!!! (then i read a little further) "oh, a hillraiser just for the primary..." you totally had me there for a second:D
love and hugs,
dani xx

Allikaye's Mama said...

At first I thought...she's voting for Hilary? I thought I noticed a McCain button on her blog? Oh! I checked out the :operation" funny! I love how you are so into fun!

Stacy said...

First let me say this is my first time to your it! But I must admit when I first started reading that you were voting for Hillary I was like "This is not the blog for me"...I am a conservative as well. But just as I was about to "click out" I saw a glimmer of hope further down your post :) I am glad I stayed! Like you I think McCain is the "lesser of the 3 evils"....rcok on tomorrow girl! :)

Stacy said...

Okay...that is "rock on"! LOL Guess its bedtime for this tired brain.........

Stephanie said...

I was very confused at first when I read you were voting for Hillary as well since you have a McCain button! Haha! I love his daughter's blog - have you seen it? There's a link to it on my blog if you want to check it out. Very interesting!

Kendra said...

I want to Thank each of you for sticking around to read the remainder of this post and not bailing when you read I was voting Hillary! I did edit the post to hopefully make it more clear from the beginning.
Thanks again ladies!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Warning: that's voter fraud and illegal! Not to rain on your parade or anything, but . . . umm . . . you might not want to do that.

Kendra said...

No it is not illegal and it is not fraud. I have a right to cast my vote for who ever I wish just as democrats can vote in the republican primaries.

Obama supporters who have rang my doorbell and called my land line over the past couple weeks encouraged me to vote in the primaries for Obama even though my vote in November would be for McCain. Obama ran ads in Pennsylvania urging Republicans to cross over, register and vote. If what I am doing is illegal and fraud then Obama is just as guilty!

btw ~ Your not raining on my parade at all. This is why I love politics! :)

Lisa said...

I actually thought Madame Senator did well last week on O'Reiley--did you see it?
She actually answered the questions and I liked her, for a minute ;)

Tabitha said...

Hi Kendra,
Just popped by to say hello!!
I had to laugh ~ when the Leona Lewis song came on your blog ~ I thought it was my mobile phone (that is my ring tone!!) ~ and was fumbling about in my handbag to find it!!! It took me a while to realise it was coming out of the computer!!!
Like Amanda I haven't really been following the US Elections ~ it is enough trying to cope with the local elections here in the UK ~ but Hillary would make a welcome change (We had Magaret Thatcher as PM over here ~ so why not a woman!!!)
Have a nice day
Tabitha X

Kendra said...

Oh Lisa as much as I hate to admit it ~ I agree with you, I too liked her .... for just a moment.
I was surprised that she knew her foreign policy. She was comfortable and seemed to enjoy herself. Plus it was huge in itself that she even considered being on Fox News and not having the questions prior to the interview.

Did you see her take those shots at some bar in Indiana a few weeks ago? WOW .... that girl is something else!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Hmm . . . just saw your comment.

Not to get all legal (since I'm not a lawyer yet I can't give legal advice or anything anyway), but technically it IS voter fraud because it has fraudulent intent or mens rea. In other words, trying to skew results in this way demonstrates criminal intent. Regardless of who I support in the election (which is irrelevant), what Obama did is different from Operation Chaos. Obama is trying to recruit voters for himself. He's hoping that he can get Republicans to defect and vote for him both in the primaries and in November. The intent there is much different from intentionally voting for somebody that one doesn't want to win because of how the elections are run. The former is politics, the latter is fraud.

Anyway, I'll stop talking about it, but I DO want to put it out there that what Obama was doing is different than Operation Chaos because there is no criminal intent to one, but there is criminal intent to the other.

I realize everybody is entitled to his/her opinion, but . . . well . . I just thought I'd warn you that you could get criminally indicted!

Amy said...

Operation Chaos - I am all for it! (Go Rush!!!) I read your whole post, though I knew where you were going with it from the beginning.

I hope this works!

duchess said...

Fraud Smaud. It is still a free country (for a little while longer) & you're free to change your mind between now & November.

Sorry to tell you that Obama won NC today.:(
My republican ballot wouldn't let me help out with Operation Chaos. I think he's only 200 +/- points away from the nomination.
Time to focus on McCain!

Erin said...

I am with you Kendra. We can vote for whoever we want. It is not voter fraud. I mean all those super delegates are changing their minds- that should be illegal!

the back door said...

apparently you stirred the pot on my hubby's blog hoosierhappenings... i have to say i love it. while i don't agree with operation chaos, i love a good debate. here is my one dilema with a straight r a conservative why would i elect people that send porn from city computers, have multiple affairs, and have criminal records just because they are republican? i can't go there, sorry.

but, hey your site looks fun and i appreciate you taking on anonymous on hoosier happenings. i can get into the best of debates with "A" as well!

Kendra said...

Law Student Hot Mamma:
Your comment struck me as … well … comical. I find it so amusing how liberals are getting their feathers ruffled over this issue. The argument is always the same.

Please feel free to show me a case study where just one person was criminally indicted for doing the exact same thing I posted about.

And let us not forget that voting for someone no matter what the reason is, is called FREEDOM.

Kendra said...

The Back Door:
I agree with you, I love a good debate. :)

I also agree with your straight ticket reasoning. I am a conservative before I am a republican. I will admit that I have voted straight ticket but I have also voted for libertarians! Surely you will agree that both parties have bad politicians representing them? There are many republican politicians that I have no respect for and I could not bring myself to vote for if given the opportunity. (Besides I feel many republicans are spineless and I have zero respect for that!)I do not support candidates that send porn, have affairs or have criminal records. I can not go there either. We do all make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes have huge consequences. For politicians, it should be stepping down from the position.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will be back.

Anonymous said...

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