Saturday, January 26, 2008

~Going to the Chapel~

Like most little girls, my Princess has wanted to grow up and marry her Daddy.Maggie has also talked of marrying her big brother, Mr. Superhero.
That all changed today though. Today the Princess informed us that on Monday, when she returns to preschool, she will be telling a little boy named "Cooper" that they are getting married. Wow, talk about a woman that knows what she wants!

Princess first met Copper last year in preschool and she has adored him ever since. They would make an adorable couple; the only problem is that they are 3 years old!

She’ll talk about the ring she is going to get, the pretty dress she will wear and of course there will be dancing.
I can just imagine what a beautiful bride she will make someday.
But for now, she is still Daddy's little girl.

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PhotoChick said...

How adorable! You should tell Cooper's Mommy that you need to get a picture of the two of them for kicks & giggles. And just in case, someday... Haha! That's worlds away - but you never know :o)
Very cute post