Sunday, January 27, 2008

~Wrestling Debut~

Today was the Superhero's very first wrestling match. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be sitting at a wrestling match someday watching my son.

We arrived an hour early per instructions given by the coach. The matches started at 2:00pm. It was not until 3:30 that my Superhero's name was 1st called to wrestle.
I was so nervous for him. All these people starring at my little boy, coaches yelling what he should do, it was very nerve-racking for me. I could only image what he must be going through. If I had butterflies in my stomach he must be nervous. I looked around to find the Superhero and as I should have expected he was just as calm as could be just looking around with no cares in the world.

The match is ready to begin; there is only one problem Mr. Superhero is not on the mat.

The announcer comes over the microphone and repeats, “Nolan please report to the mat. We are looking for Nolan”. He pops up, “Oh yea, that’s me.” What can I say, that’s my boy!

The first match begins with the two boys dancing around each other. I’m busy snapping pictures and thinking just pin the kid to the ground!I love the above picture, my superhero has his fist up like he is ready to box.
He ended up losing but he didn’t go down without a fight.
He did a very good job though and I am extremely proud of him.

Meanwhile, Miss Princess and MaMaw, are over by our chairs socializing with the other families.
The Princess made a new friend and these two girls had so much fun together.
MaMaw read them stories.

She even bought the Princess candy!

The Superhero didn’t wrestle again until almost 5:00. He was supposed to wrestle a third time, but the little person’s family ended up leaving early and he never got another chance.

We didn’t load in the car until after 6:00. It was a long day. I have been promised that the future matches will not be so long. For that, I am grateful.

The Monkey stayed home with his Daddy. When we finally arrived home, he was busy watching T.V. and playing. Daddy had shampooed the living room carpet and completed all of his laundry. I was quite impressed.

Mr. Superhero did great today and I really enjoyed watching him wrestle. There’s always next time for winning and I believe that my Superhero will kick some kids butt!

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PhotoChick said...

How fun!!! Let me know when his next match is - actually I bet I can look it up on his school website that you have on the sidebar. Clever, clever!
Loved reading about his big debut & seeing all the cute pictures. Love ya!