Wednesday, February 6, 2008

~Any Given Day~

Here are just a few of the things I experience any given day with the little ones that I love
Sometimes we eat chicken from McDonalds
Garrett loves "sauce" to dip his food in just like his big brother

Maggie and Nolan luv McDonalds ~ Why, I don't know!

Maggie sneaks in her room and likes to play w/her piggy bank. Mommy has now hidden it from Maggie.

Sometimes we have wrestling matches ~ Go Nolan!

Garrett likes to cook for Mommy
"It stink Momma, It stink!"

We pick Nolan up from school. We are always so happy to see him.
Sometimes we go to the car wash ~ Garrett thinks it's funny.

We always love each other

Garrett loves to play with the vents.
Garrett & Daddy watch the "t", as Garrett would call it.

Sometimes they act silly together
We eat a lot of poc (pop corn)

Maggie plays "darbie dolls" with Garrett

They love to play ball and run through the house
We even play with play dough, it is one of Maggie's favorite things

Garrett loves to play video games with Nolan and Daddy

Video games are one of Nolan's favorite things.

They are probably playing Smash Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog!

I love my days ~ They are never boring and always full of adventure.

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