Wednesday, February 6, 2008

~No Mom Allowed~

Last night the Superhero and Priness made a “Club” in the Princessess bed. They did a wonderful job decorating it and hanging up the blankets to make it very secretive.

Princess told her Father and me that No Girls were allowed in the club. I asked how she could be in the club, since after all, she is a girl. She simply replied, I’m not a gir Mommy, I’m a Princess!” Ohhh, now I understood. She also informed us that a Dad and Mom could be apart of the club and that no babies are allowed, which means no Monkey.

While we were having this conversation, The Princess Matt and me, the Superhero was fast asleep in the club.

I pulled the covers down for bedtime and basically destroyed the club….I was told by Princess that I am no longer allowed in the Club. I have lost all privileges. “No Mom Allowed” per the Princess.

Even this morning after sleeping all night, she still remembered and was not happy with me. Maybe I can make it up to her today and regain my rights to enter the "club".

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