Sunday, February 3, 2008

~Splish Splash~

I was going through my photos and came across these of the kiddos in the bath-tub!
Some Old ~ Some New
Mr Superhero ~ Just a little guy~I just love that lil' face~
~Such a happy kid~

~Best Buds, My Superhero & Princess~~She was such a happy baby~
I rec’d this “elephant towel” as a gift for the Princess while I was pregnant with her.
In the above picture she is about 8months old
In the picture below she is 3 years old.
She still uses the towel; it is one of her favorites!
~Mr. Monkey loves to lay on his tummy while bathing~
~He loves the running water~
~This picture makes me laugh~
~I love this lil' face~
"Bye toys, Bye toys"
That is what Monkey says as he is leaving the tub

I love the way my Monkey is looking at the Princess, my lil' ladybug.

The children love bath time.

I know somewhere I have pictures of all three of the kids in the bathtub together. I hope to find that picture soon.

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