Friday, March 28, 2008

Fight the Frump

Ladies it is time to Fight the Frump with some Red High Heels.
I'm talking about some Sexy Red High Heels. A pair that will cost a fortune and only be worn with that certain special outfit. A pair that you would only admire from the store window but not actually purchase. Now for me, this is difficult. The hubs ~ He does not like High Heels, especially on me. This is just awful because I am so short and I love wearing heels. Now for the most part I am all about making my guy happy, but sometimes I have to do something for “me”.

I have always had a shoe fetish, I simply adore shoes.
I firmly believe that a girl can never have enough shoes.

Although, you would never know it by looking into my current closet.
Once I became a Momma I traded in my Stilettos for more practical Mom Shoes!

Why is that?
Why don’t I say to heck with it and buy that pair that are screaming at me to buy them?
I would look hot in those shoes!

So, this week I’m going to Fight the Frump and buy a pair of Red High Heels. The hubs would maybe like these because they are a shorter heel….
and I do like the polka dots inside the shoes! Click here for these adorable shoes
He wouldn’t like these, but I think they are classy….

Heck ladies, the shoes don’t have to be Red ~ Just buy some shoes!

I do believe that Kellie Pickler says it best in her song Red High Heels.

Yeah, you know the deal
Nobody holds a candle to me
In my red high heels

Have a Fabulous Friday Ladies
and don’t forget to stop by Fussy's place
to read more marvelous ways to Fight the Frump.


Sister Honey Bunch said...

I love red high heels. They look fab. After my son was born I spent a fortune on a pair of red shoes because I was feeling all ugly. They did the trick.

Valarie said...

Oh those second ones are Hawt. You need to get those. Maybe your husbad will come around and like them.

fullheartandhands mama said...

I'm a sucker for polka dots so I love the shorter pair. Hope you buy them!

Baby Mamma aka Tamra said...

I love the second pair. Have fun! Do you have a red dress to match?

Darla said...

Oh how I am drooling over those!!!!!! And oh how my mind is reminding me that I would be falling all over myself in them. LOL


Lalena said...

I just purchased a rawk'n pair of 4inch red heels this week. I love them! Mmm Mmm with a great pair of jeans I feel great! Love the post.

Joy said...

I heart heels! But don't wear them as often since having my daughter, but still love them!!

mah-meeee said...

Hi I'm new on your site, but totally loving it! Go get them red shoes.... I bet they'll look super sexy on you!

btw, love that hair cut on your picture... is it hard to keep up?

Melody said...

I like the sassy little polka dot pair!

Getcha some!!

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Love how shiny they are. Probably make you feel like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz -- in a good way.

But I have to say that it is so sad we never appreciate what we have in a husband! I would LOVE a man who hates me in high heels. Luckily Dick puts up with me in whatever.

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

So, I have to ask about this League of Extraordinary Wives.

I get the private website thing. Obviously people should be able to have private stuff in every arena of life and no problem with that.

BUT, what is it with having a public face that doesn't allow comments and doesn't allow access to the rest of the story,

And, even more so, what is with your "View my page on League of Extraordinary Wives" link on your sidebar?

I click on it and then am rejected. Is this some sort of High School thing where you pretend to invite people to something and then laugh at them for daring to think you really wanted them to come?

Um, so not in HS anymore, and I have to tell you that HS was much more fun.

Lil Mouse said...

i got some tall black sandals. im afraid most shoes just dont fit me at all. the wedge/platform thing seems okay, though, i could walk fine and it made my hubby and i about 4 inches closer to the same height. wowza!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I love heels! If I could wear heels every day, I would (but my feet would kill me). I have been looking for a comfortable pair of red heels forever. I bought a pair at Target -- but they give me horrible blisters (funny how they didn't do that in the store). Red heels look so stylish and they actually go with more than you think they would!

Mackenzies Momma said...

cute shoes! I like the second pair but i'd probably kill myself in them as I don't do well in heels!

Erin said...

I recently got red peep toe wedges, and I LOVE THEM!

And I have a polka dot and politics fetish myself!

OHmommy said...

I puffy heart heels.

Your husband does not like them? Seriously? :)

HRH said...

I love, love, love that second pair of shoes. Mmmmm. yummy.

Little Ladybug Designs said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! I love your photo header! :-) Have a great weekend!

PhotoChick said...

Wow look at you Miss Popular! Just now took time to really read this post - very cute girlie! And I LOVE you in heals! Hey, we can't let our men away from something that would compliment us so well! (Not to mention the compliments you'll get wearing them) Love ya!

carrie said...

Those are super cute, and I'll bet your hubby would come around if you were wearing them! :)

skiplovey said...

Oh me too, I love high heels. That second pair is super cute. Hmmm, me thinks a shopping trip is in order...

Lisa said...

LOVE those shoes! I have lots of blacks and metallics but no red--I NEED those :)

diane said...

I love red shoes and McCain is the man! Found your blog, very cute family. Thanks for helping fight the frump and showing that you can be hot, young and vote McCain!