Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Princess is 4!

Today is my Pretty Pink Polka Dot Princess' Very Special Day,
it's her Birthday!
She turned 4 years old at 7:32AM this morning.

I will post more later on this Very Special Young Lady of mine.
School was closed today due to the weather.
It has been raining non-stop and some of the roads have been closed due to flooding.

My 3 little angles are creating a nice mess for this SuperMomma right now.
It's time that I get out of *Computer World*
(as they would say)
and go deal with the mess!

But as I said, more on the Birthday Princess to come....

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PhotoChick said...

A very Happy Birthday to Miss Maggie. I plan on putting something up about her as well... just haven't been able to think clearly enough, or get enough time to do so. It's taking all my energy to take care of my little Munchkin-ator! Love and Happy Birthday wishes to little Miss Maggie!