Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Very Special Little Lady

Today is my very special little girls 4th birthday.

As I looked at her today my mind went into a flashback,
she is all cuddled in a *pink* hospital blanket so tiny and precious.
She had this amazingly perfect reddish skin tone.
My heart melted the first time I laid my eyes on her
and I was in love from that moment on. This photo is one of my favorites.
Four of my favorite people on this planet.
My mother, daughter, husband and son.
I can’t take my eyes off of her. She is such a beautiful little girl.

I think back to all of the wonderful moments we have experienced together.
Such as the many firsts…

* The day she took her tiny first steps.
* When she said “Momma”.
* Her first giggles
* When she waved bye-bye
* Blew kisses
* The first round of peekaboo
* Played with her first baby doll

I could go on and on here!
These are some of my fondest "Maggie" memories.

She is my one and only little girl
and I could not imagine what life would be like without a daughter.
I thank God for my Princess and pray that we are always the best of friends.

Maggie is my sunshine, she makes me so very happy.
Each morning, since she was first born,
I have greeted her with
"Good Morning Sunshine, Mommy loves you”.
She always smiles at me
and it makes for a great start to my day.
She is a princess who may grow up to be a diva some day,
then I could be in real trouble!
But whatever she grows up to be,
I know she will be a truly remarkable woman.
Until then, she is my princess.

Mommy loves you very, very much Maggie Boo.
Happy Birthday!


PhotoChick said...

Oh, Kendra! What a beautiful post! I looked at it for the looongest time last night, and by the time I was finally shutting things down, I forgot to leave a comment!

I do hope that Miss Maggie had a wonderful 4th birthday yesterday... Guess we'll be seeing her in just a couple of days for her big party! *How fun*

Rachel said...

That was so sweet. Those pictures are wonderful, and she is just adorable.
Hope her birthday was just magical!