Monday, March 24, 2008

Party Time for the Princess

This past weekend, we celebrated this sweet little girls special day!
PARTY TIME!!! I think the Superhero beat his father down the slide!

HeeHee ~ Mr. Monkey is soooo funny!
He had so much fun at this party.

The Monkey is already flirting with his sister's friends!
There I am in the middle of a boxing match with my cousin!
I'm pretty sure she kicked my butt!!
Such Pretty Girls ~ I *Love* this Photo
What a *Handsome* Superhero
My Princess
After she opened a present she would say
"Now can I have another one please"
I would shoot her a look
and without saying a word she knew I was thinking "Stop that!"
because she simply replied "What? I said Please!"

Happy 4th Birthday, Princess!!!

Enjoy the video that the Father created for the Princess!
*Listen for her to say "Now can I have another one".*


Valarie said...

That looks like so much fun. I thought about doing that for my little ones birthday in a couple of months.

carrie said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl!

What a fun party! :)

Domestic Accident said...

That looks like such a great party and the perfect size, too. Not too many kids. Just enough.

We had one of those places around here and it went out of business. Boohoo.

Happy Birthday to your princess!

Seane-Anna said...

Looks like Princess had a great party. And to think there are some people who believe celebrating b-days is a sin! Go figure.

mah-meeee said...

just scrolling through your past posts with hubby & ash. the minute the post got to these pix, ash exclaimed, "it's PUMP IT UP!"

boy, i guess they have those things everywhere and the kids just love them!

happy belated to princess!

Kareer Woman said...

I love pictures and you have definately posted some great action ones!