Wednesday, June 11, 2008

At a loss for words....

Well, I sat down at my computer to blog this evening and I have nothing on my mind to write about.
I was really hoping that once my fingers hit the keyboard,
I would instantly have something exciting pop into my mind. 
So far?? I’ve got nothing!!

Seriously, between my three crazy kids, one husband and a whole lot of family drama you would think I could come up with something
and yet, nothing…..

Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind
 music, fashion, trips to the zoo, Reds baseball and wine
(well, the wine is just b/c I could really use a glass right about now!)

I just can’t put any of it into words.

So I'm wondering, Does this happen to you?
Are you ever in a rut when it comes to blogging?
If so, what do you do???

Maybe I'm just lacking creativity right now....I think I'm gonna go drink some wine now!!


Lisa said...

Oh yes! Sometimes I just don't blog and comment on other blogs. And other times I just start typing something and then I am suddenly writing a blog (like tonight lol)

Blessings From Above said...

Yes, I get "bloggers block" all the time. Which is why I sometimes go weeks without a post!

You should write about your trip. I can't wait to hear all about it!

E and T said...

I get bloggers block as well.

To combat this I love learning about the different theme days that people do. Show'n'tell Friday, Wordless Wednesday, Self Portrait Tuesday - they are the ones that come to mind at the moment and of course you could always make up your own. These sorts of themes could help with posting an entry.

I agree with Jennifer from Blessings from Above, as I would also love to hear more about your holiday.


Amy said...

When the time is right the words will flow! Best of luck!

Krystyn said...

I get it, too!

Something will come to you, or one of your kiddos will do something "blogworthy."

Stephanie said...

I feel the same way. I've had so much going on right now but nothing that I feel like putting into a blog post. So I did a Q&A session on my blog to help pick me up. And it has I think. Maybe you should do one of those?

mah-meeee said...

when i get the blogging block, i would try to look back at pictures i've taken and see if any old memories are blog worthy or might inspire me to write about something.

other times, i read other blogs and sometimes that will inspire me to write also.

how about your vacation?

Amanda said...

I hope the block doesn't last too long as i check your site daily!
It happens to the best of us (blogging block that is! )
See you soon,
Love Amanda x

McMommy said...

Yes!! I hate it when that happens. And then will hits me out of nowhere.

Like when I took Carter to swim lessons and the sign says "No swimming while intoxicated"..AT A MOMMY&ME SWIM CLASS!!!

And suddenly you are like "YES!!! THAT'S IT! I've got my next blog post!"

amanda said...

totally happens to me too.

weird bc i think of so many things to "tell" you about at random times. but then i sit and i got nothin!

looking forward to your block being gone soon :)

dani said...

i had a day like that yesterday... so, i took something from katherine's myspace. it worked:D

Michelle@Life with Three said...

It happens to me, too. I've been struggling with it lately. Usually that means that I need to take a break for a day or two. Or, if not that, I often try a meme. It helps get me thinking.

-Bridget said...

You can do a "hot seat." Ask people to post questions about you that they would like to know answers to.