Sunday, August 10, 2008


Two weeks and four days since my last post.

Friday, August 1st, the Monkey had surgery.
He had his ear tubes removed and new ones put in, along with his adenoids removed.

We arrived at the hospital 2 hours prior to surgery time.
He was so happy and playing great with his toys,  even enjoyed watching TV.
Once it was time to prep him for surgery, he became very agitated.
When it was time for the nurse to take him back to the O.R., he screamed and cried for me.

After surgery they carried him back to me crying and disoriented.
The anesthesiologist told me he was pretty sure everyone in the O.R. was able to hear my little boy.
It took awhile for him to come out of the drowsiness but once he did he was in great spirits.

Here is he is almost an hour after his surgery
 AND, here he is a little bit later.
At home trying to rest while watching the Disney Channel!  I can tell a huge in improvement in him since the surgery.
I know he is feeling much better.

Bedroom Makeover for the Princess

Before and after photo of her dresser



So hard to believe summer is over and another school year is beginning.  

Superhero is in 2nd grade
Princess is in her third and last year of preschool
Monkey is embracing his first year of preschool

Back to school = No T.V. at bedtime.

No T.V. at bedtime = Sad, sad kiddos.

At this very moment they are praying for the weekend to arrive!!


The weather has been fabulous.
Highs in the 80's with a light breeze.
Superhero and I went on several bike rides and it was SO much fun!
I played a little baseball with the boys. I'm really horrible, but they still let me play!


Hope everyone has a great week and I can't wait to catch-up on your blogs!!


amanda said...

wow honey. just wow.

you have been missed but it sounds like your world has been a little on the hectic side!

glad to hear that monkey is feeling better!!

welcome back :)

Stephanie said... did have alot going on. Sorry to hear about surgery and the car, but glad to hear about th room and back to school! lol
Hope Monkey is doing good! (my baby had tubes when he was 9 months, but thankfully never had to get them again)

Amy said...

I am glad your baby is feeling better. I have missed you!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Well, no wonder you haven't had time to blog...I'd say you've had some pretty good reasons. So sorry to hear of all the craziness that has gone on...hopefully things will settle down now.

Amanda said...

Wow! What a busy time the past couple of weeks have been for you all. I'm so sorry about the car break-in, there are some really bad and nasty people in the world.
Poor Monkey! But it's nice to see him smiling so soon after his operation. He's a right wee cutie Kendra. I hope you all feel the benefit from the surgery.
The bedroom is so pretty and girly~i love it! You did a geat job with the chest of drawers, they are perfect for a little princess!
I can't believe the summer break is over too, it goes by quicker each year!
I've not had a girls night out for what feels like years! Glad you enjoyed yours!
And Congrats on the awards Kendra~you deserve them!
It's nice to see you back blogging~i've missed you!

dani said...

hey, kendra:)
i've missed you!!! i'm so happy your little monkey is doing well after his surgery. what a beautiful little angel he is!!! he looks so much like you...
i cannot believe that you had things stolen from your vehicles!!! especially superhero's ds... how awful:S thank goodness even old cd's are relatively easy to replace:) but still...
your princess' room is absolutely adorable!!! it really is:D we did something very similar when katherine was that age.
her pictures in the sunflower field were precious!!! she and livia looked like little dolls. i loved her dress!!!
don't you just love spending time with girl friends!!! i still am close to my grade-school friends as well. there is just something about girls that have been with you through every stage of your life!!!
i'm so glad you had a fun, fun, fun night out with them...
take care!!!
ps did one of the dr. logans do the monkey's surgery???

Blessings From Above said...

Welcome back...I've missed you!

Glad the monkey is feeling better, sucks about your cars, LOVE the princess' new room, yeah for girls' night out and bike rides.

Oh, and I am just a tad bit jealous you are going to get some (much deserved) alone time. Every mom's dream! :)

angie said...

Glad the surgery went well! And the princesses bedroom looks adorable. The break-ins? Heartbreaking!

Krystyn said...

That's a lot to handle..not wonder we missed you.

I'm glad the result of the surgery is so good. That sucks about your cars. I hate it that people think they are entitled to stuff that isn't theirs.

And, yay for the princess room and the girls night out.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Wow--you were busy.
Glad monkey made it through surgery OK :)
Total bummer about your cars--esp. superhero's game :(

I can't believe it's almost school time either!

Pasifik said...

After I read what you got on your blog, it seems you have a perfect world! Three beautiful kids and great husband!

Carrie said...

wow you have been busy ~ love the bedroom!

Jodee Leader said...

Thank you for stopping by today! Your kids are adorable and I love the bedroom makeover!

Crystal said...


I just love reading your blog! Glad everyone is safe and healthy.

Keep in touch.


mah-meeee said...

wow kendra, lots have happened! i'm glad that monkey is all well and happy again!
sorry to hear about the break ins with the cars... such a bummer!

missed ya!

Valarie said...

I have been wondering where you were! Sounds like you have been very busy.

I am glad to hear that Monkey is feeling better, but I hate to hear that Superhero's Nintendo got stolen. I just hate to hear stuff like that.

Oh and Princess's room looks great. You did a good job on that chest. :)

lovelylalo said...

Wow, wow and wow. So glad the Monkey is doing well. Sorry to hear about your cars being broken into. That is the least you were able to replace his DS. Glad to hear he took it well too. It is all about KARMA lady.

The room is coming out so wonderful. I am in the process of moving into another house and I can't wait to decorate the kids rooms. The dresser looks great! I love it.

Who doesn't love girls night out. Heck, I love a good girls night in. It is awesome that you've had friends for that long. Did you ride bikes with them? lol

You are most welcome for your award...I presented it to you with so much excitement. I truly love your blog.

*BIG HUG* to you and your family!

Unknown said...

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