Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Summer Camp

When I picked Nolan up from wrestling practice today the coach was explaining to the kids and parents about wrestling camp offered this summer. Camp will be held at Virginia Beach and is for son and Dad only.

Nolan ran over to me after practice informing me of how badly he needs to go to camp. I was in complete disbelief, is this the same child that was so upset this morning with the thought of having to go to wrestling today?

Now as Nolan's mother I know why he wants to go to "summer camp" he wants to go for the beach! And that is not a bad reason, after all who doesn't love the beach? He is thinking of staying up late, hanging out with friends, playing in the ocean ~ Sounds pretty good, uh? Can you just imagine, it would be like spring break for 1st graders! They'll stay up late drinking Mt Dew and having the time of their little lives. Almost makes me want to go.

Of course, camp won't be all fun and games. We know this, but when you're 7 you don't always see the bigger picture.

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