Monday, February 25, 2008

A Very Special Little Boy

Sunday was Mr. Garrett’s 2nd birthday, I’ll post more later on how we celebrated his very special day, for now I just want to reflect on Garrett.

Garrett was a “surprise baby” to us, meaning we had not planned on a third child. I was so afraid Matt would freak out when I told him there were two pink lines on this little white stick in the bathroom. Matt took the news really good, in fact I didn’t even tell him I was pregnant he already knew by the way I was acting.

We had his parents, my parents and my grandparents over one evening to share the news with them. I bought an ice cream cake and had “Grandparents for the 3rd time” written on it (I didn’t have a lot of space to work with). And of course, everyone was excited and took the news very well.

Maggie was only 15 months old at the time ~ She had no concept of what was going on. We would just point to my tummy and say "baby". For the longest time she thought everyone had a baby in their tummy. She even thought she a had a baby in her tummy!

Nolan was just before turning 5 when we found out. He was so excited. Did I mention he had been praying for a little brother? Well he had been. He prayed every night for months asking God for a baby, but not a sister because he already had one of those, this time he wanted a brother. He was on cloud nine when we shared the news with him. Talk about making someone a believer.
We found out we were having a little boy sometime in October, I think. His father was so proud to be blessed with another little boy. You could see the relief come over him when he heard the news. (Not that he doesn’t love his princess, becuase he does.)

We had chosen his name prior to finding out the sex. We decided on Garrett for a boy. It was the only name we could both agree on but we both really liked it. The middle name didn’t come until after I delivered him. I tossed around Matthew, after his father, Lee, It’s Matt, Nolan & part of Maggie’s middle name, or Kenneth, after my grandpa who I am named after. Matt left the decision up to me and so Kenneth it was. It is a mouth full, but a strong name. Garrett Kenneth. (May I just say this little boy is a lot like my grandfather…)

Garrett was born by C-Section on February 24, 2006. He was 8-12 & 19in. He was such a handsome little baby. I feel in love with him the moment I laid my eyes on him, well I was already in love with him! He had most beautiful completion. He was just prefect, absolutely perfect.
This picture was taken the day we came home from the hospital. My mom was holding her 3rd grand-baby! I just love the way his little hands are placed and how big the pacifier looks. A great picture of Garrett with his sister. She loves him so much. Maggie has been "mothering" him from day one! He will grow up to call her "LaLa". Melts my heart.

Garrett with his big brother, Nolan. Nolan was so proud of Garrett and still is. He takes very good care of him. They are best buds. Garrett will grow up and call him "Nonan".Garrett loved his swing. Doesn't he look tiny in it? Hard to believe....where does the time go?

Garrett started sleeping throughout the night by 2 ½ weeks. I was extremely lucky. He did have nights when he would be up, but for the most part he was a very good sleeper.
A sweet picture of three babies. Garrett looks a little scared in this picture, doesn't he? Here Garrett is a little happier w/his brother and sister.
Garrett loved to eat those gerber cookies. He was so messy with them...but I suppose all kids are.
Garrett was about 10months old when he started to walk. He walked earlier than the older two did. Garrett loved balls even he was just a little thing. Here is about 11months old.

"Happy 1st Birthday Garrett" ~ He loved his cake so much and did such a wonderful job eating it. He had cake everywhere. Mommy was so proud.A funny face that Garrett would make while eating! Such a funny baby.....This picture was taken in March of 2007, so he was 12-13 months old. Already climbing up slides....I almost had heart failure when I turned and saw him. I knew life as I had known it was over!
He pulled his bath seat out of the tub one day and decided to sit in it, then....
he decided, why not go for a walk! Priceless.

I just love this photo of Garrett ~ He looks all boy.
Garrett learned how to climb in and out of the crib from his wonderful sister, Miss Maggie, in November of 2007 at the age of 20months. At first, I will admit I thought it was cute. Then, it just became down right annoying. But that’s not the point ~ the point is, Garrett loves to climb in and out of his crib and stand on his crib rail while yelling at the ceiling.
Garrett gets a thrill from jumping to Daddy! I just had to snap a quick photo....
This is the latest picture of the 3 kiddos together that I have. Not sure what they were doing but I do know that they were having fun together. Garrett loves his big brother and big sister so much. He'll tell me during the day "Nonan at school Momma" or he'll ask "Where Lala go"

He is an adventurous little boy who keeps me on my toes every second of the day. I love him terribly. I am so thankful that God blessed our family with this precious little boy. What a blessing he is to so many people in his life. I don’t ever want to take a moment of my time with him for granted and always appreciate him for who HE is. He is prefect. After all God made him just the way he is.

I love you Garrett.



PhotoChick said...

Oh my gosh! What a great piece you wrote on Mr. Garrett!!! He is such a handsome little boy... I just can't believe how much he's grown from that teeny tiny baby I first met in the hospital.
I guess he was the ultimate birthday present, huh? Happy [late!] B-day again! Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that was so sweet. What a great summary for your son to read someday. And the pics are great. What a gorgeous boy.

My #3 was a surprise, too. I think all #3 come that way.