Monday, February 18, 2008


On February 15 my Grandmother celebrated her 75th birthday!
We had a "Surprise Party" for her the weekend prior.

Matthew & my uncle Ray, my Grandma's brother, had a great time together.
These two guys are two peas in a pod. They have so much in common.
They discussed politics, boxing, many other topics I'm sure!

Garrett was not too happy at first.
He was so hungry and tired. But once he ate he was a happy lil' boy!

Maggie & Garrett had fun playing dress-up.
“Superman to the rescue for the pudding” yelled Maggie as she ran throughout the house.

Nolan is pretending he is playing the guitar here.
He loves to spend time in Stephen’s room.

My unlce Dennis siging the "HaHa" song ... I think that is what it is called
He made Maggie & Jaci laugh

Norma Jean with her younger brother, Ray

Everyone had a wonderful time and I think Grandma was truly surprised.
She is a wonderful lady and I am so thankful for her.
Happy Birthday Grandma!